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Technological Baccalaureate in Computer

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Technological Baccalaureate in Computer Science It is a three-year upper secondary education option, aimed at students with a special interest in computer science, new technologies and business training.

This option fulfills the double function of a solid training both theoretical and practical. Languages, the realization of interdisciplinary projects and teamwork are pillars in this training, as well as the development of skills and competences of the XXI century, which prepare students to adapt to new technological challenges.

This three-year option has, in its third year, emphasis on Web Development with an integrative and collaborative annual project. Based on this, each group of students forms a company to develop a trilingual computer product (Spanish, Italian, English). This project concludes with a "Final Defense" before the entire faculty, in which the knowledge acquired during the three years of Programming, Web Design, Database, Application Analysis, Operating Systems, Computer Support, Applied Electricity and Business Training is demonstrated.

Graduates of the Technological Baccalaureate in Computer Science can continue tertiary studies in the faculties of Engineering, Economics, pursue degrees in the Faculty of Architecture and Industrial Design, as well as access the careers of the UTEC, various Techniques, Teacher Training, among others.

This training also enables students for an early qualified labor insertion, either to work in business environments, autonomously or to complement their training and income during their subsequent studies.

  • Languages

    The curriculum is composed of a trilingual training in Spanish, Italian and English that allows students to choose from international certification exams during the course.

    No prior knowledge of the languages mentioned is necessary. 

  • Internships

    The Scuola Italiana di Montevideo develops a program of agreements with companies in the technology sector to provide its students with internships that allow them to add their first experiences in the workplace.   

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