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Upper Secondary School

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During the four final years at school, students start approaching their studies in a more independent way, they carry on their own research, complete projects and participate in a variety of activities that rely on collaborative work and the reinforcement of critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

This stage not only focuses on instrumental and systemic competences, but also on interpersonal skills and the capacity to lead their own personal and academic paths in life. Consequently, teachers and mentors design spaces and activities to help students pursue their own interests and discover their strengths.

Being in a multicultural and multilingual environment represents a great asset in developing global citizens who are aware and respectful of other cultures and peoples.

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  • Consolidation stage

    In the Second Cycle of Secondary, the work begun in the First Cycle continues, consolidating methods of autonomous study, search and research mechanisms.

    Our goal is to train educated, critical and creative people, capable of facing situations and problems with a rational attitude.


  • Integral Training

    We promote the acquisition and deepening of specific knowledge in a multilingual context, while favoring interdisciplinary and comprehensive knowledge.

    We strengthen skills and competences consistent with personal abilities and inclinations that allow decision-making, vocational maturation, the continuation of studies at tertiary level, insertion into social and working life

  • Personal reaffirmation

    We form responsible, committed future citizens who can respond to the challenges of a globalized and multicultural world. We develop leadership attitudes, we favor continuous learning and the ability to know how to read and interpret realities in constant evolution.