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Primary School

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Primary Parents and teachers want for our children a school that provides them with global options for their future, in an environment of high academic level and in which everyone has the opportunity to learn.

In Primary we are a team of professionals who work forming people capable of questioning and creating awareness about the world around them, faced with the changes that are perceived day by day in society.

We renew this challenge year after year with the conviction of offering a teaching with high expectations towards the achievement of understanding and competent people, prioritizing the human values, attitudes and feelings of authentic citizens of the world.

  • From philosophy to method

    One of the great strengths of Montessori material is that everything has a definite purpose.

    Children learn with joy, investigating through didactic resources that arouse their interest and encourage their curiosity: they learn, memorize by fixing ideas and concepts naturally.

    This material accompanies all the processes in "Casa dei Bambini" and gives them the opportunity to build their own learning.

  • "THINKING WITHOUT LIMITS" the path of the Singapore method...

    This system of teaching mathematics is much more than a "road map": It is an innovative way of structuring thinking that emphasizes the understanding, consolidation and transfer of learning, and manages to transform children into active learners.

    It has an extraordinary material for the child to go through each stage at their own pace, building their own knowledge.

  • Artistic development

    Through MUSIC we strengthen the development of the senses, sensitivity and a different form of communication with the environment that surrounds them.

    In the THEATER class we walk the paths of expression from language to body movement stimulating self-confidence and achieving greater personal autonomy.

    Through DANCE we nurture creativity and aesthetic sense while helping to develop a taste for art as a human expression.

  • Exchanges

    For decades the Scuola has made its "opening to the world" a reality, concretizing more than 35 years of cultural and sports exchanges with dozens of generations.

    Our clearly humanistic spirit brings students closer to other ways of living and learning, allowing their immersion from 4th year in realities different from their own.

    We carry out exchanges with different schools in the interior of our country (rural schools) and abroad, to contribute to the formation of children and young people without borders.

    Thus, our students exchange academic experiences during the last three years of Primary.

    Our conviction is that, as an educational institution and together with parents, we must awaken in them a broader awareness of fraternity among people, of tolerance and of human solidarity by understanding different socio-cultural contexts.

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