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Art, Science and Technology

  • Visual Arts

    This area aims to develop and strengthen the ability to express themselves creatively, to observe and understand various artistic productions, and to acquire an aesthetic sensitivity along with a deep appreciation of the artistic heritage of target cultures. Through personal experience, children and teenagers learn to use and enjoy both the visual and audiovisual language. They are able to read and critically interpret the language of images and the multimodal language offered by new technologies as they manage to produce new messages in a creative way.

  • Technology

    Technology deals with the way in which human beings interact with and transform the environment to guarantee their survival and satisfy their needs.

    By studying the operating principles and the use of tools, devices and machines designed for a certain purpose, students are encouraged to develop awareness of their surroundings as they use their cognitive, operational, methodological and social skills to solve problems. The aim of this area is therefore to foster the need to work with the environment through ethical and responsible actions that do not only consider the problem itself, but also the outcome of our actions.

  • Science
  • Music