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It is an educational area that caters for babies and toddlers, aged 3 to 24 months old, in a carefully planned environment that satisfies the development needs of this stage. We have a highly specialized team of professionals who accompany these very early learners by offering them the chance to live experiences that foster their own autonomy and independence.

  • Specially prepared environment

    We offer spacious, airy and naturally-lit spaces where children can play and explore their surroundings safely and joyfully. There are 5 well differentiated rooms through which children move along as they acquire certain abilities and skills, such as more freedom in their movements and the ability to manipulate objects.

    Family members are offered the chance to access remote viewing cameras.

  • Exploration

    We offer an environment that fosters child's independence through individual exploration. The child acquires knowledge and develops himself thanks to the experience obtained from moving around the place. Touching, shaking, hitting, listening to sounds, are all activities that shape the world experiences of the young child.

  • Stimulation and development

    We present a series of carefully organized and prepared activities that allow the child to have initiative for action and to freely choose what to play with, thus encouraging his natural desire to learn.

    The classroom area is integrated with the outdoor space, providing even more enriching experiences that develop the child's natural curiosity and a deep sense of observation, as well as language development.

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