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Primary School

In Primary School we have a team of talented professionals who strive to help children become global citizens who are capable of understanding the world around them and ready to face changes that characterize our own societies. Each year, we renew our commitment to face the challenge of offering a stimulating academic curriculum that promotes the education of competent as well as understanding citizens, who prioritize human values and learn to live and work together with others.

  • Valuable knowledge

    We design activities which are learner centered, realistic and meaningful. We believe that inquiry driven learning can open up new horizons and children can start developing abilities in artistic fields such as drama, dance and music, from the age of six.

  • Thinking without limits

    The Singapore Math Method is a highly effective teaching approach. In fact, it is an innovative way of structuring our thoughts which lays emphasis on comprehension, consolidation and transfer and children become active learners who manage to operate and advance at their own pace, thus building their own deep knowledge.

  • Joy of learning

    Through Music, we strengthen their senses their sensitivity and a new form of communication with the world around them. In Drama, children develop their expression through movement and language and manage to develop their self-confidence as well as their autonomy


    Through Dance we nurture creativity and aesthetic awareness so they can learn to appreciate and value art as an essential form of human expression.

  • Exchanges

    Over the last three years at Primary school, the children have a variety of intercultural exchanges, some abroad and some in areas away from the capital city, because we believe that experiencing otherness helps them develop as open-minded and respectful citizens.

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